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Press Room

Fall 2008

~Wolff Vineyards was one of the six businesses and nonprofits honored Nov.13 with the San Luis Obispo County Green Award at a luncheon ceremony put on by the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce. The award recognized environmental sustainability, resources conservation and pollution reduction.

~New Times magazine October edition published an article titled "Good Stewards of the Land" featuring Natural man Jean-Pierre Wolff as a friend to the land and creatures of his vineyard.

~Wolff Vineyards is one of the first vineyards in the Central Coast to become "Certified Sustainably Grown" as part of a pilot project with the Central Coast Vineyard Team. The 2008 Sustainability in Practice (SIP) vineyard certification program is part of a rigorous process including third party audits. Wolff Vineyards 2008 Vintage will be labeled "Certified Sustainably Grown".

Summer 2008

~New Times magazine June edition published an article titled "Vintners Feel the Heat". The article extensively interviewed Jean-Pierre Wolff on its viticulture practices changes to cope with climate changes.

~Central Coast Home and Outdoor magazine published an article titled "From the grape to the glass" describing life in the shoes of winemaker Jean-Pierre Wolff.

Spring 2008

~ Walden University featured Jean-Pierre Wolff Ph.D. in its U.S. News recruitment advertising campaign.

Fall 2007

Jean-Pierre was interviewed by Walden University.

Summer 2007

~ The San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District selected Wolff Vineyards as one of its five Pollution Prevention Award winners. Wolff Vineyards was selected for its progressive efforts in air and water quality, energy efficiency and land preservation.

~ Farmer & Rancher journal August issue included an article titled “Thinking Outside the Bottle”. The article describes Wolff Vineyards sustainability model incorporating socially conscious and ecologically friendly practices.

~ The Tribune July 25th newspaper incorporated in its Laurie Daniel The Grapevine Column an article titled “Wolff Vineyards fills a niche in Edna Valley”. The article provides a brief history of the vineyard and describes the wines produced with individual tasting notes.

Spring 2007

~ Behind the Wines, a journal for the Central Coast Wine Community feature article was titled "Wolff Vineyards Home is Where the Wine Is". The article described the close relationship between living and working on the estate property for Jean-Pierre and Elke Wolff.

Spring 2006

~ Central Coast Vineyard Team published an article titled "Successes and Challenges of the New Year Storms". The article described Wolff Vineyards Best Management Practices (BMP) for hillside road erosion and sediment prevention.

Winter 2005

~ Natural Resources Conservation Service (USDA NRCS) published an article "EQIP Project Helps Attract Trout to California Vineyard". The article describes how Wolff Vineyards has partnered with several government agencies on a steelhead trout habitat restoration on West Corral de Piedra Creek.

Summer 2005

~The AAA magazine for both Southern California and the San Diego area shows Wolff Vineyards as one of eight great Central Coast Tasting Rooms.

~The New Times Magazine published an article titled "Healthy vines for healthy wines". The article features land stewart Jean-Pierre Wolff who believes that sustainable wine grape farming is good for our environment and our palates.

~Coast Magazine published an article on the Edna Valley wine country. Wolff Vineyards Pinot Noir was described as scrumptious produced by an equal part of scientist, artist and romantic.

Summer 2003

~San Luis Obispo County Farm Bureau magazine Farmer & Rancher published an article titled "Air Strike Technologies, winged predators taking flight for crop protection." The article described the use of falconry at Wolff Vineyards for vineyard crop protection against the European starling.

~New Times magazine published an article titled "Wings and Wine, SLO County wine country experiments with eco-friendly solution to feathered pests" The article describes how those noble-looking falcons are fitting nicely into the philosophy of Wolff Vineyards pursue for a good eco-balance.

~Wine Growers Award Vintner of the Year at KCBX Wine Classic At the KCBX Central Coast Wine Classic Vintners' Dinner on Friday July 11, the Central Coast Wine Growers' Association awarded its 2003 Vintner of the Year Award to Jean-Pierre Wolff of Wolff Vineyards. The nomination was in recognition for its accomplishments in artisan wine making and environmental stewardship.

~NBC local TV station KSBY featured Wolff Vineyards in its weekly series "Roots of the Vines". The TV segment filmed on location focused on the various sustainable wine growing practices and ecological programs employed on the vineyard.

Winter 2003

~21st Annual Salmonid Restoration Urban Streams Conference. March 26-29, the annual State wide conference will be held in San Luis Obispo. Jean-Pierre Wolff will be a speaker presenting the subject of ecological wine growing and fish habitat restoration in the vineyard.

~Wolff Vineyards host a vineyard tour for a Cal Poly viticulture field trip.

~Issue of New Times, San Luis Obispo newspaper published an article "Eco-friendly vineyards". The article describes how Wolff Vineyards is applying various organic and sustainable wine growing techniques.

~Issue of Farm Bureau, Central Coast newspaper published an article "Alternative Farming in the New Year". The article covers innovative sustainable wine growing practices applied at Wolff Vineyards.

Winter 2002

~Jean-Pierre Wolff owner and winemaker of Wolff Vineyards was elected member of the Board of Directors of the Central Coast Winegrowers Association (CCWA). Jean-Pierre is also a member of the CCWA Environmental task force covering Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties, and a full member of the Central Coast Vineyards Team.

Summer 2002

~Issue of The Tribune, San Luis Obispo newspaper published an article "Central Coast Vineyard Team, growing for the long haul" The article describes how Wolff Vineyards opened its fields to be a living laboratory with the Central Coast Vineyard Team.

~The Central Coast Wine Growers Association annual vineyard’s tour "heard it through the grape vines" chose Wolff Vineyard for its 80 delegation participants. The delegation included the press, environmental groups, County and State agriculture agencies officials, Universities, and concerned citizens.